About Us

Since 2003, we have been training people from all walks of life and many diverse countries. The Hospitality Institute of Australasia is a registered trading name of The Daniels Associates, a National Training Provider since 2003. In 2011, The Daniels Associates partnered with 2 hospitality experts to create the Hospitality Institute of Australasia.

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Meet the HIA Team

Bruce Whitely brings the academic hats and holds 2 Master Degrees. In addition, he has a successful business career and is the winner of numerous academic awards including the Boston Consulting Group Strategic Management competition winner – the first in the history of Newcastle University. He ensures all qualifications meet government requirements.

The Daniels Associates began 35 years ago in providing software and consulting services to the health care market for benchmarking labour in cleaning support services. Over the years many customers and adapted our software to provide benchmarking for many other support services functions in building maintenance, food service, and laundry operations. 

It was at a trade show in Melbourne in 2000 that we realised how much we had to offer our client by becoming a Registered Training Organisation and in 2003 that part of our history commenced.

Since 2003 Daniels Associates have developed into a National Training Provider with clients throughout Australia. We believe a strong part of our success is that we have always delivered what we have promised to our customers. Over the last 20 years we have built a successful network of customers in Australia in the areas of hospitality, clubs, health and aged care, laundry operations, cleaning contractors, building owners and managers.

From the beginning we realised a number of short comings with the organisation’s we met in the industry and set out to do better. These are reflected in our core values as a training organisation: Our mission is to deliver hospitality training that is relevant based on 30 years combined industry experience.