Food Safety Level 1 – HLTFS207C

Food Safety Level 1 – HLTFS207C – Follow Basic Food Safety Practices

HLTFS207C is the entry level unit of competency for food safety for those working in the Health & Community sector and is part of the Food Safety Supervisor qualification for this industry. As workers in this sector primarily work with vulnerable persons as defined by the Food Act 1991, it is important that they understand the personal hygiene procedures that must be adhered to on a daily basis.

Maintaining a clean workplace and disposing of food safely are key components of this unit of competency. Moving between areas in the workplace safely is also considered – particularly important for those health workers working in, hospitals, child care centres or aged care facilities.

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What you will need to complete this course:

1. Verify your identity – by law we need to verify your identity before we issue you a Statement of Attainment.  Click here to view acceptable identification and identification submission details.

Unique Student Identifier (USI):  New law effective 1 January 2015 require all students to have a USI.  It is very easy to do and is part of your registration process with us.  All recognised training providers offering this course are required by law to collect this information. Click here to visit the USI website.

3rd Party Evidence Report–  Have your immediate supervisor complete this document . Please read the assessment tab for full details. There are no refunds if you complete this course but then cannot get the 3rd party evidence report signed off. There is no Statement of Attainment without the 3rd party evidence report. 

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Cost $21.00 only. No more to pay! (inc GST)
Unit Code & Name HLTFS207C Follow Basic Food Safety Practices
Pre-requisite No previous knowledge or experience required.
Delivery 100% online. Please read the assessment tab carefully for   assessment requirements.
Time 3 minutes to enrol, 3-4  hours – self paced,
Payment Mastercard/Visa  through our Eway internet payment facility.
Qualification National Statement of Attainment – Sent by email only.
Valid Valid in all states of Australia in the health and community.

How long? It takes 3 minutes to enrol and pay. The course takes 3-4 hours to complete depending on your existing knowledge. No need to finish the course in one session! Log in and out as many times as you like, the system remembers where you are up to.

How does it work? Click “Start Course Now” button, enter your details, and proceed to the payment page and pay. After payment, you are given immediate access to your “My Training”. Simply click on the name of the course when you are ready to start. No need to wait for an email with log in details.

The course is broken into sections. At the end of each section is an assessment. Please read the “Assessment” tab for full details of assessment.

How will I be assessed? Please click on the “Assessment” tab for detailed assessment information.

Completion Requirements

Step 1 – Enrol in and pay for this online course.

Step 2 – Complete the online course

Step 3 – Verify your identity

Step 4 – Complete & return the 3rd party evidence report. Upload it to our online system or 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Fax 07 3899 1160 Post PO Box 254, Morningside 4170

Step 5 – Wait one (1) business day for your Third Party Evidence report to be reviewed and your Statement of Attainment to be available for download. 



You will be assessed using three methods:

1.  Multiple choice questions;

2. Case studies and project questions; and

3. 3rd party report.

To be deemed competent in this subject, you are required to answer ALL questions in ALL sections correctly.

1.  Multiple Choice Questions

There are five (5) sections in this course. At the end of each section is an assessment. You are required to study each section in sequence and answer every question correctly to move onto the next section.

How it works:

1. Read the question;

2. Select your answer/s from the selection of answers given;

3. Press “Submit”;

4. Move onto the next question;

5. At the end of the questions, you will receive the result of your assessment.

If you answer all questions correctly, you will progress to the next section.

If you answer any questions incorrectly, you will be given feedback on which question you answered incorrectly. You will then be returned to the beginning of the assessment questions for the section to attempt all the assessment questions again.

You can take the test as many times as you need.

Review Learning Material

To review the learning material relevant to a question:

1. Click “Click here to review the course material for this question”. This link appears above the answers.

2. You return to the page relevant to the question.

3. When you have finished reviewing the section, click the “return to assessment” link on the left hand side of the screen.

4. You will be returned to the question.

2.    Case Studies & Project Questions

Following the assessment for the fourth section, there are 2 case studies and 4 project questions. Taken from the whole course, the case studies and projects are designed to put your knowledge into practice in real life situations. Both case studies and project questions require multiple choice answers. This works in the same way as the multiple choice questions worked. You may need to refer to the PDF of the course notes.

3.   Third Party Evidence Report

To be issued a State of Attainment evidence of displaying skills, knowledge and performance in the workplace are required. The Third Party Evidence report is to be completed by the student’s immediate supervisor to confirm they are applying their skills and knowledge in the workplace over a reasonable period of time under real operating conditions.   The form and full instructions are available for download from within the course.

Who can complete this?

This is to be completed by your immediate supervisor. That is the person who gives you your day-to-day work instructions and feedback on your daily work.

How does the supervisor complete this form?

For these evidence tools the Student is required to review the information with their supervisor.

The supervisor is required to confirm whether the Student has provided sufficient evidence over a period of time in their work performance, skills and knowledge for each aspect of the units of competency. Where they have provided sufficient evidence the third party (Students’ supervisor) confirms their performance is satisfactory by ticking the appropriate box(s).

Where the Third Party does not believe the Student has provided sufficient evidence they should tick the “Not Satisfactory” box and write comments on areas they believe the Student requires further training.

Below is an extract from the form. The entire form is available for download from within the course.

# The Trainee/student has demonstrated the following,   over a reasonable period to enterprise standards: Response
Not Satisfactory Satisfactory
1 The student has demonstrated a basic understanding of   workplace hygiene procedures and the basic legal requirements of food   handlers to avoid any processes that may contaminate food. ¨ ¨
2 The student has demonstrated they follow procedures to avoid   contaminating food by”¨  They wear appropriate clothing and appropriate   slip resistance, enclosed footwear.¨  Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in   food preparation areas¨  Take appropriate action when coughing or   sneezing to avoid contaminating food including hand washing.¨    Disposable tissues are used and disposed of when coughing/blowing nose and   hands washed¨  Hair restraint worn by food handlers¨  Fingernails   are short, unpolished and clean¨  Jewellery is limited to watch and   plain ring¨  Gloves are changed at critical points¨  Open sores,   cuts, or bandages on hands are completely covered while handling food ¨ ¨
3 The student has demonstrated correct hand-washing   procedures; washing their hands at a designated hand washing basins and dry   hands with single use paper towels. ¨ ¨

 THIS IS AN EXTRACT ONLY. The full form is available for download from with the course.


Competency Unit


This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required for basic food safety practices including personal hygiene, conduct when working in a food service environment, basic pest control requirements and basic food disposal requirements

It describes the most basic level of competence required by any person in any industry who directly handles food.

The Technical Course Information

Pre-Requisites None – there are no pre-requisites for this course.

1.   Maintain   food safety while carrying out food handling activities 1.1       Handle food according to the food safety program1.2       Identify and report processes and practices which are not   consistent with the food safety program1.3       Take corrective action, within level of responsibility, and   according to the food safety program1.4       Report any corrective action to supervisor, and according to   legislative and organisation protocols
2.   Comply   with personal hygiene standards 2.1       Ensure personal hygienemeets the requirements of   the food safety program2.2       Report health conditions and/or illness,   as required by the food safety program2.3       Wear appropriate clothing and footwear as required   by the food safety program
3.   Contribute   to the cleanliness of food handling areas, according to the food safety   program 3.1       Maintain the workplace in a clean and tidy order to meet   workplace requirements3.2       Comply with workplace measures to prevent pests entering   food premises3.3       Identify and report indicators of pest presence
4.   Dispose   of food according to food safety program 4.1       Keep food for disposal separate, according to food   safety program requirements4.2       Dispose of food according to the food safety program   requirements



How do I start my course? I have paid my money but do not know how to start the course.


From your ‘My Training” screen, click on the name of the course to start.

How do I get to “my training”?

To start your course, click on the name of the course in you “My Training” screen.

Go to

Click log in from far left of screen,

Enter your email and password (this is what you set up when you registered for the course),

Click “Sign in” to get to “My Training”.

To start a course, click on its name.

Payment Pending – I have paid my money but I have a course that says ‘Payment Pending

If you have more than one of the same course listed in your “My Training” it means you have registered more than once for the course. Click on the course that does NOT have payment pending beside it to start.

I have not received my certificate. When do I get my certificate? Ensure you have returned your 3rd party evidence report and sent a copy of your identification. Please read the completion requirements and assessment requirements for more information.

Your Statement of Attainment will be available for download within one (1) business day of receiving both your identification and 3rd party evidence report (provided you have completed your course.)

If you send your paperwork through on a Friday Saturday or Sunday, the next business day is Monday.  Business days are Monday to Friday and exclude weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and Queensland public holidays.

Download your Statement of Attainment

To do this, go to Log In from the far right of the screen (of this website).

Enter your email and password (this is what you entered when you registered for the course.)

Beside the name of the course you have completed is a paperclip (in the certificate column), click the paperclip to download, save and print your certificate.

I can’t log in. It says “there was a problem logging you in. Please check the details and try again.”

You entered the incorrect email or password. The system automatically sends an email with your log in details to you, please check them. The email may be in your junk/spam folders.  No email?  You made a mistake when you registered with us. You need to send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I purchased more than one course, how do I log into the other courses that I purchased?

Log into your “My Training” account.  To do this, go to Log In from the far right of the screen our website, enter your email and password. From the ‘My Training’ screen, simply click on the course name to start.

In what format are my certificates? Can I save them?

The certificates are in PDF format

Can I print the certificate?

Yes, simply open the PDF and print it.

I cannot find my certificate. How do I get another copy?

Simply log into your training account and re-print them.

How long is my certificate valid?

The Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment is valid for 3 years.

Is there an age limit to complete online courses?

There is no upper or lower age limit for completing online training. However, if you are under 18 years old, you may have limited vocational outcomes after completing this course, as some states require you to be 18 years old to work in a licensed venue.

After I have paid for the course, are there any additional charges?

No – we have only the one fee.

The only exception to this is the NSW FSS Certificate. The requirements for this certificate are clearly detailed on our webpage.

Which payment gateway do you use? Is it secure?

We use eWAY. eWAY take transaction security very seriously. Card numbers are stored under heavy encryption on bank-grade servers, with backups in multiple cities.

How can I pay?

You can pay online with a credit card, a Paypal account or by bank transfer using POLI.

Can I use someone else’s credit card to pay for an online course?

Yes. Please fill in the enrolment page with the details of the student. Then on the payment page, enter the details of the person whose card will pay for the course. But remember; make sure you have that person’s permission to use their card.

How do I enrol?

Simply click the “start now” button, complete the student details, and accept the terms and conditions then proceed to the payment page. Once your payment is complete, you will be taken straight into the course.

When can I start the course? Do I need to receive an email to start the course?

As soon as your payment is processed you are taken straight to the course to begin study. No need to wait for an email.

You will receive an email with your username, password and course details. Please check your spam/junk files if you cannot find it. However, you do not need this email to begin the course.

Why do I need to enter my date of birth during enrolment?

We have to verify your identify. It is a government requirement that we capture this information.

How will my name appear on my certificate?

Our system will print your name EXACTLY as you enter it into the enrolment screen. Please take care to spell your name correctly and use capitals.

What happens if I enter the wrong information during enrolment? Can it be changed?

Simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can amend the information.

Remember to be careful when entering your information; our system will print on your certificate EXACTLY what you enter at the enrolment screen.

I cannot remember my password. What do I do?

Your password is in the email that you received on enrolment. Please check you spam/junk files if you cannot find it. If you cannot find the email, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What software no I need to install?

None, you only need access to the internet.

Do I need any equipment?

You will need internet access. You will also need speakers as there are movies in the courses.

Do I have to finish the course in one session?

No you can log in and out as needed. The system remembers which assessment questions you have answered.

How do I log back into a course?

Go to, select “Log in continue course” from the far right hand side of the screen.

At the log in screen, enter your email address and password.

What type of computer can I use?

You do not need to install software, so it does not matter which type of computer you use. You can use any computer that connects to the internet

Can I use a computer other than my home computer?

Yes, you only need access to the internet to access your course.

Can I use an Iphone or Ipad.

YES! We are one of the only people who offer mobile enabled courses!

Can I get help if I need it?

Yes – Help is available during business hours on 1300 776 728 or via email; after hours by email. We will respond within one business day.

How does the course work?

Click “Start Course Now” button, enter your details, and proceed to the payment page and pay. After payment, you are given immediate access to your “My Training”. Simply click on the name of the course when you are ready to start. No need to wait for an email with log in details.

The course is broken into sections. At the end of each section is an assessment. Please read “How will I be assessed” for more details on assessment.

Please read the first few questions in this section to answer questions about starting the course,

Is there an exam? How am I assessed?

Assessment details for each course are clearly listed on each course pages under the heading” How am I assessed”. Each course contains online assessment which includes multiple choice and an offline assessment known a 3rd Party Evidence Report. Details of the offline assessments are clearly detailed on the course page.

How will I know if I got the question right?

At the end of all the questions, will be given a summary of the questions you got wrong. And the assessment will start again.

How long do I have to finish my course?

Your log in is valid for 12 months. After 12 months, your log in will be disabled.

If you could not find the answer to your question, email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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