Successfully apply for jobs in English speaking countries

Jobseekers online English course provides you with the knowledge and develops the jobseeking skills you need to find work in Australia and other English-speaking countries. 

This course features video scenarios of job applicants in the Australian workplace, sample templates and models, checklists and interactive tasks.

Designed at an advanced English level Jobseekers online features the language strategies required to successfully gain employment in English speaking countries.

  • Plan your career
  • Tailor your written application and resume
  • Analyse job advertisements
  • Improve your English communication skills
  • Interview with confidence

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Course Structure

Jobseekers online English course develops skills in four critical areas of jobseeking:

1  Getting ready for work

  • Identify your employability skills
  • Write a résumé that promotes your skills

2   Looking for work

  • Learn how to network
  • Understand the language of job ads
  • Make successful cold calls

3   Applying for a job

  • Tailor your résumé to fit the job
  • Practise writing a new cover letter for each application
  • Write a selection criteria statement

4  The interview

  • Learn successful interview strategies
  • Prepare answers for different types of questions
  • Anticipate the stages of an interview



Price includes:

  • 4 units as per structure
  • approximately 25 hours

 $99.00 inc GST & Credit card surcharge.














Free Trial

Free Trial

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How it works

How it Works


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Steps to learning online with NSW NSW AMES

1. You will receive an email notification after you pay for your course. It will give you the course login details: URL, user name and password.

2. Got to https:\\ and enter the user name and password to login. Watch the getting started videos - they show how to navigate the courses website.



Why you need it

Why you need it

To be successful you need to understand the Australian jobseeking market.

  1. Learn the language of jobseeking
  2. Understand what Australian employers are looking for
  3. Learn how to tailor your jobseeking to local conditions
  4. Learn how to promote yourself in person, on the phone and in writing
  5. Be confident




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Computer Requirements

Computer requirements

You will need:

  • MS Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox (must be Java enabled), Safari
  • Latest version of Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Pentium 4 based computer or similar
  • 512 MB memory
  • Sound card, speakers and headphones
  • 17" monitor (recommended)
  • Broadband connection


Download the latest browsers at:

Download the latest:

Session Timeout

The Learning Management System is set to time out after a 2 hour period of inactivity. This is called a session timeout. After the 2 hour time out session, you will be directed back to the login page. You are required to log in again to access the LMS Administration Tools.


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